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5 Bedroom tips for better sleep

Hectic schedules, stress and a growing to-do list can keep you tossing and turning at night. But a sound sleep is more than a luxury; it’s important to help re-energize and cope with day-to-day challenges. Try these simple changes to make your bedroom a haven for rest and relaxation.

Woman sleeping in bed

Sleep serenity

How do you turn your brain off after a crazy, demanding day? You need to wind down to get a good night’s rest. Turning your bedroom into a serene, calming environment will help you relax and let go of the day’s worries. You want to set the scene for peace and harmony.



Color therapy calms frazzled nerves

Paint in blues, grays or purples. Why do fast-food restaurants blast music, flood with fluorescent lights and decorate with bright red, orange and green? To keep customers moving, eating fast and making a quick exit. Set the mood for relaxation with a wall color that makes you feel tranquil, such as a soft blue-gray or calming purple or green; colours that remind us of nature are comforting. While bright yellow walls sound happy and appealing, they can keep your brain humming as though it’s daybreak 24/7.

2Aromatherapy works for dream time

Scent your room with lavender. Known for its soothing scent and medicinal properties in aromatherapy, lavender can help induce relaxation and sleep. Try a lavender spray on your pillowcases just before bed or buy potted lavender plants for a decorative window sill. Not only are live plants nurturing, but you can try some deep-breathing before snooze time and take in the scent.

3No TV in the bedroom

Yes, Conan is a riot to watch, but having a flat-screen in your bedroom does nothing for bringing on downtime for your brain. On the contrary, TV keeps you wound and stimulated. The bedroom needs to be associated with comfort and rest. Instead, listen to some soothing, tranquil music, sip herbal tea or light a candle for a few minutes and meditate. A calming bedtime routine will also help, especially in a room that supports these quiet activities.

4Clean and orderly beats stress

Purge and de-clutter. How can you nod off when there’s a stack of magazines and papers staring back at you from the bedside table and laundry piled on the wing chair? A tidy, organized room helps keep you feeling calm and in control. Make time to inventory your bedroom and purge unnecessary items such as knickknacks, dated magazines or clothes that no longer fit. Display a few favorite possessions that evoke happy memories and nix the all the clutter.

5Turn down the heat for better rest

For the best sleep, there needs to be a fractional temperature difference between our body and our brain – a warm body and a cool head. Keep the room cool, and cozy up under a warm duvet. Splurge on some silk sheets to heighten the comfort factor. Now your bedroom could just become your favorite spot in the house.

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