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Hoarding: When messiness causes stress

Woman purging closet

Greer’s tips to get organized

1Plan your organizing

Remember that change is OK – and plan for it. Start with a plan, or at the very least, an intention. What do you want from the room or area you’re organizing? What activities would you like to happen in this area?

2Organize in steps

Don’t start with perfection, or your organizing effort will come to a halt. Map out the activities and break your room into zones. Make categories for your items within those zones, then sort and purge. Make small changes in your living space. Change keeps things moving and offers a different prospective.

3Rally help with de-cluttering

During the sort and de-clutter process, find a friend to help. Choose a friend who will keep you honest and responsible.

4Keep an open mind

Actively keep letting go of items you do not use anymore. When you think you’ve mastered this skill, look around and see if there is something else you’re not using; chances are there is. Keep the cycle going.

5Focus on the positive

Find a simple pleasure within the experience of letting go. What does letting go give you? Does it empower you? As you continue, visualize and concentrate on that positive aspect.

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