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The clingy boyfriend

Women often get the bad rap for being too clingy and possessive in relationships, but guys can be needy, too. Whether you’re dating someone new or you’re in a committed relationship, clinginess happens. Here are some telltale signs that your man needs to give you some space and learn to be more independent.

Woman with clingy boyfriend

1He gets upset when you go out.

Spending time apart and having separate friends are perfectly normal, and you can’t be expected to spend every waking minute with your guy. If he pouts every time you mention plans that don’t involve him, you could be dealing with a clinger. He’s allowed to be upset if you never want to hang out with him, but needing alone time or going out with the girls once in a while shouldn’t send him into a tailspin.

2He doesn’t have his own interests.

Being committed and excited about the relationship is great, but passion is more like possessiveness if your guy seems to think only about what you two are going to do next. Hobbies and outside interests are healthy; gently suggest that he’d feel better if he got out more or explored some new interests.

3He calls & texts constantly.

The occasional text or voice message is fine and should be welcomed, of course. Conversely, if you feel like you’re with him even when you’re not because of his endless texts and voice messages, he’s turning into a clinger. If you can’t look at your phone without seeing a new message asking when you’ll be home, what you want for dinner and why you haven’t responded to his last 73 texts, tell him to back off just a bit.

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