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Stop being so indecisive

Indecision hinders everyday life — and can make dating and being in a relationship almost impossible. Whether you just don’t want to upset someone by making the wrong decision, or have genuine issues weighing your options, we have some simple strategies to help you make decisions faster and more confidently.

Indecisive woman

1Don’t over-think things.

The longer you think about something, the harder actually making a move one way or the other becomes. Weigh the pros and cons (writing them down can help), consult a friend or family member, and then make a choice. We don’t suggest rushing into anything for which you’re not ready, but you have to be able to trust yourself — and the only way you’re going to do that is by making more decisions.

2Let go of pressure.

Your mom wants grandkids, your aunt wants you to get married already, and your single friends don’t want to lose you as part of their party posse. Wherever the pressure is coming from, do your best to block it out so you can make clear decisions.

3Remember: you know best.

Family, friends and co-workers are full of great advice, but remember that, ultimately, you know best. If you have problems making decisions, you probably don’t believe in yourself the way you should. You know yourself best, though — and once you realize this, you’ll be surprised at how much easier decision-making becomes.

4Practice going with your gut.

If the big decisions put you into a cold sweat (move in with him, say “yes” to his proposal, have kids?), practice with the small stuff. When you’re shopping, check out two purses: Which one “feels” better? Standing in line for ice cream, picture yourself eating each flavor you’re debating and go with whichever one feels right. Quiet your thoughts, focus on how you feel, and the right decision will make itself known.

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