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4 Friends you don’t need

Good friends make us laugh, give us advice and put life’s ups and downs into perspective for us. Not every person has our best interests at heart, though, no matter how well they make us think otherwise. We’ve come up with a list of the friends without whom you’re better off.

Two friends in conflict

1The bad influence

Friends who help you grow as a person and get over your fears are great, but the friend who is constantly trying to get you to do things you don’t want to do and pushing you to make unhealthy decisions is not worth having around. If you find yourself getting drunk when you know you need to be at work the next day, getting into cars with strange guys or doing anything else that you know isn’t good for you in her presence, it might be time to stop seeing her.

2The downer

This is the friend who can’t ever look on the bright side. Every time you see her, she has not just one complaint, but a complaint about everything — from her job to her family to the amount of ice in her drink (not enough) to the dressing on her side salad (too much). We all take issue with certain things, and voicing our concerns is OK, but a constant barrage of negativity is frustrating and exhausting. If she’s only bringing you down, stop taking her calls.

3The one-upper

Whatever you did, she did it better — at least, that’s what she always tells you, and being friends with her just isn’t worth the effort. Friendship means being happy for the other person’s successes, not stepping in to say you’re better, faster or smarter. If your so-called friend can’t be happy for you, she isn’t really your friend.

4The know-it-all

Some people think they know everything, and they never miss an opportunity to tell you you’re wrong or that their ways are better. If this sounds like someone you know, tread carefully. Advice can be very helpful, but not when someone makes you feel like you don’t know anything and can’t do anything right. Good friends want to help you, but know-it-alls are just out to make themselves feel smarter.

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