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10 Tasty ways to satisfy your sweet tooth

You do your best to eat a healthy diet, balancing good-tasting with good-for-you. However, if you’re like many women, you haven’t quite figured out how to satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking the diet bank, so to speak. Here’s the good news: there are plenty of sweet treats out there that can be a part of a healthy diet. Here are 10 treats to keep your sweet tooth happy… without wreaking havoc on your waistline.

Woman eating ice pop


Full of vitamins and fiber, fruit is one of the healthiest treats you can choose. If you’re bored with grabbing a single piece of fruit, try mixing several kinds into a fruit salad, freezing some grapes or baking an apple and topping it with cinnamon and nutmeg.

2Chewing gumYogurt

Sweeten your plain yogurt with honey or jam, or combine it with chopped fruit and granola to make a parfait (try one of the Greek yogurt brands — it’s especially good this way). Don’t want to sweeten and flavor plain yogurt yourself? Choose from the many tasty flavored yogurts in your supermarket dairy case, in both regular and sugar-free versions.


Really? Gum? Chewing gum does more than freshen breath; it may also help to curb your appetite. You can stick with mint or cinnamon — or even bubblegum — but you can also try Wrigley’s Extra Dessert Delights gum in mint chocolate chip, Key Lime pie and strawberry shortcake flavors.

4Sugar-free flavored syrups

Use these to flavor seltzer, lemonade, coffee or protein shakes for a sweet and calorie-free beverage. Torani makes a variety of these syrups in yummy flavors like vanilla, caramel, raspberry and Irish cream.

5Flavored instant oatmeal

Not just for breakfast anymore, oatmeal makes a filling and healthy snack. Quaker makes lower sugar varieties with flavors like maple and brown sugar, and fruit and cream.


Toss fruit, yogurt and juice into a blender with some ice cubes and add a little protein powder if you like. Experiment with different flavor combinations until you find your favorites.


Make your own with fruit juice or use some of your smoothie mix. You can also buy sugar-free or 100 percent juice popsicles ready-made in your grocer’s freezer case.

8Baked goods

Nothing beats a cookie, muffin or piece of fruit bread (pumpkin, banana, etc.) as comfort food. Spend a weekend afternoon baking your own to get the best-tasting and healthiest options.

9Sugar-free pudding

Buy it pre-made or make your own. Pudding can be a good source of calcium, as well as a creamy, sweet treat.

10Chocolate-covered fruit

Chocolate-covered raisins have been joined by chocolate-covered cranberries, cherries and even dried plums! Choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate varieties for an additional dose of antioxidants.

You don’t have to avoid all sweets in order to have a healthy diet. Just watch your portion sizes, and make sure these treats are part of a balanced eating plan. Go ahead and indulge!

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