How & why to let go of insecurities

Insecurity makes everything from dating to job hunting more difficult, yet we all hang onto some. Check out our tips for freeing yourself from self-doubt and uncertainty.

1Woman writing in notebookWrite your fears away.

Get yourself a notebook or journal if you don’t have one lying around already. Write down everything that scares you or makes you feel insecure. Whatever stands in your way when you try to make decisions should go on your list. From fear of public speaking to being too shy to ask guys out, write it all down. Seeing your fears on paper can make them less abstract and give you the power to do something about them.

2Don’t over-think everything.

The longer you think about doing something, the more your insecurities can get the better of you — and the more time you’ll have to talk yourself out of a making a decision that scares you. We don’t recommend jumping headlong into change without giving it some thought, but we also don’t want you missing out on something great because fear is holding you back. Think things over to a point, then stop worrying and start acting.

3Talk about it.

Like writing down your fears and insecurities, talking about them is a great way to minimize the fear of things that hold you back. When your fears remain inside your head, they can grow and take on lives of their own. Plus, the longer you keep your insecurities to yourself, the more likely you are to put stock in them — and not ask out that cute guy at the coffee shop or ask for that promotion you deserve. Talk to a trusted friend about what’s stopping you. Ideally, that will help free you from your fears and allow you to act.

4Just go for it.

What if you were to laugh in the face of your insecurities, move past them and do things in spite of them? We say, forget about your fears for a day and do one thing that scares you. It doesn’t have to be something big (we’re not talking about skydiving here), but just something that will prove that you are a strong, capable person who won’t let fear stand in her way.

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