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How to stay sane while single

Being single isn’t the end of the world. We know it can feel like that, though, if you’ve had a string of horrible dates and haven’t met a nice, single guy in what feels like an eternity. To help keep you from having a dating-induced meltdown, here are a few tips.

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1Lean on your BFFs.

Your friends are there to support you after a particularly bad date, of course, but they also can help you have fun. Spending quality time with your BFFs will not only help you put single-life stress into perspective, but it also will remind you that there’s much more to life that searching for Mr. Right.

2Enjoy your freedom.

Once you’re in a relationship, things change. Some of these changes are positive, but love also can leave you with a lot less free time. Things you used to take for granted when you were single — hours spent browsing book stores, brunch dates with your BFFs, trashy TV with bowl of ice cream — won’t happen as often once you start dating someone, so appreciate the time you spend alone.

3Don’t dwell on being single.

Ditch the desperate act and start enjoying single life! Have fun with friends, take a road trip, learn something new or focus on improving yourself (hit the gym or ask for that promotion you deserve). Being single doesn’t have to be a burden. It only feels that way when you tell yourself it sucks.

4Stop putting pressure on yourself.

Many women set goals for themselves where love is concerned, such as being married and having children by a certain age. So when they realize they’re not even in relationships by their specified time frames, let alone ready to have babies, they get doubly depressed. Rather than boxing yourself in and settling for someone who’s just OK, let love happen naturally.

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