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5 Sweet ways to reduce your sugar intake

Though you may know that sugar increases your risks for weight gain and chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes, you still consume foods and drinks that contain the sweet stuff. We certainly don’t want you to live a sweet-less life, so we’re offering these five tips to reduce your sugar intake while still satisfying your daily sweet tooth.

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1Opt for low- or no-sugar food products

Most of your favorite sugary foods and drinks have a reduced-sugar or sugar-free counterpart that tastes just as sweet as the original. In many cases, the lower-sugar alternatives are also lower in calories, but read the labels to be sure.

2Replace regular soft drinks with diet versions

If you simply can’t kick your cola habit, opt for diet soft drinks. You’ll instantly reduce your sugar intake, as well as your calorie intake.

3Dilute fruit juice with water or club soda

When choosing a fruit juice, stick with 100 percent fruit juices since many juice drinks are more sugar-water than fruit juice. Even better, dilute your fruit juices with water or jazz it up with club soda –- same sweet taste for less sugar and fewer calories.

4Swap out sugar for sugar alternatives

When baking or cooking, substitute sugar alternatives for the sugar called for in recipes. Not ready to take the total sugarless leap? Substitute half of the sugar in recipes with the equivalent of a sugar alternative.

5Go for fruit

The most nutritious way to reduce your sugar intake is to grab a piece of fresh fruit when your sweet tooth beckons. You can also serve yourself smaller portions of baked goods or desserts and sweeten them up with fresh fruit or pureed fruit.

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