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4 Reasons guys cheat

Trying to figure out why guys cheat can feel like banging your head against a brick wall. He’s in a relationship with a woman who treats him well and he seems happy, so why does he pull the ultimate dealbreaker by being unfaithful? Here are a few of the main reasons a guy ends up sleeping with someone else.

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he’s depressed & can’t deal.

Some guys act out when they’re feeling depressed: Some drink, some get reckless and some cheat. Feeling down is no excuse to hop into someone else’s bed, but some men don’t know how to deal with depression. Rather than talking about it with their loved ones or taking an active role in feeling better, they becomes susceptible to temptation from other women, believing it will make them feel better.

2They actually believe it’s OK.

Some guys are able to convince themselves that cheating isn’t that bad. The more he tells himself it’s OK, the easier it becomes to get into bed with someone who isn’t his spouse or significant other. He doesn’t feel any guilt anymore — until he gets caught, of course, which usually changes his feelings on the matter.

3They think they can get away with it.

If a guy thinks there’s absolutely no way you’ll find out about his infidelity, he’s much more likely to cheat. Lucky for you (but not for him), he’ll get sloppier with the details as he gets more comfortable. He’ll be less likely to delete the illicit texts and emails, and he’ll fail to cover his tracks.

4They’re bored.

Boredom makes people do things they may not normally do. Most of these boredom-induced activities aren’t bad, but sometimes, the itch for something different results in a really bad decision. His boredom could stem from being out of a job, having a job that doesn’t challenge him, wanting to travel or being in a personal rut and bored with the direction his life is heading. Whatever the reason, boredom combined with lack of motivation can lead to negative behavior — in some cases, cheating.

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