How to bounce back after a breakup

Though a breakup can make you feel like your life is over, try not to let it stop you in your tracks. Here are some strategies you can implement to bounce back after a breakup.

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1Don’t be a hermit.

We know: All you want to do is mope around the house in your pajamas. Don’t let yourself be a hermit after a breakup, though. Get out there and reconnect with your friends. Your relationship may have taken away time from your girlfriends, so reach out and make plans to see your BFFs more regularly. You’ll have a good time and heal much faster being around people who care about you.

2Change things up.

Get your morning coffee from a cafe you’ve never visited. Listen to new music. Take a new class at the gym. Stretch your culinary skills by trying new recipes. By deliberately doing things differently than you did when your ex was around, you’ll prove to yourself that life goes on — and that there are always new things to discover no matter how sad you feel.

3Get creative.

Minimize any pent-up frustration with creativity. Start that novel you’ve always wanted to write, rediscover your love of photography or take a pottery class — anything that will get you out of your current negative mindset and out of your own head. Being creative is a great way to let go of sadness and tap into talents you might not realize you have.

4Update your look.

Improve your outlook and your self esteem by getting a makeover, a new haircut and some new clothes. You’ll feel better knowing that you’re making an effort to better yourself. Plus, you’ll have a whole new look that represents positive change rather than the negative status quo.

5Branch out.

If you can’t remember the last time you left your neighborhood for anything other than a doctor’s appointment or work function, it’s time to do some exploring. Grab some friends and make plans to have dinner or drinks across town or head to some galleries or a museum you’ve never had time to check out. Getting away from all the places you used to frequent with your ex will help you get over him, and you’ll find some great bars, cafes and restaurants you can call your own.

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