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How to let go of resentment

Resentment is an unfortunate part of relationship life, and many people have difficulty letting go of it. If you can’t seem to move past a recent fight, check out these simple tips to help you deal with your negative feelings and work toward forgiveness.

Angry couple


Talk about it.

Just because you’re still angry at your partner doesn’t mean you can’t talk to him about how you’re feeling. The quickest route to moving past resentment is to get it out in the open, so do both yourself and your significant other a favor and let him know you’re having trouble getting past your last fight. Rather than showing your residual anger (through the silent treatment or smaller fights) you’ll be getting your feelings out where they can be discussed, and ideally, resolved.

2Write it down.

If you’re not ready to open up to your man about your mounting resentment, grab your journal and start writing. Getting your feelings and thoughts down on paper can improve your state of mind immensely. Don’t put any pressure on yourself to write in any certain way; simply write stream-of-consciousness style, jotting things down as they pop into your head without worrying about grammar and sentence structure. You’re not writing the next great American novel; you’re trying to unburden yourself of negative thoughts by writing them down.

3Give yourself time.

You may just need a little time to cool down before you forgive and/or forget. If your feelings get hurt or you sense that you’ve been treated poorly, you shouldn’t expect to feel fabulous the next day. If you allow yourself some time to come around, you’ll be more likely to let go of resentment naturally.

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