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How to be friends with your ex

While too painful or difficult for many people, it is possible to be friends with your ex if you had a fairly amicable breakup. Before you grab the phone and call him up for a friendly chat, though, read these tips for making the shift from being broken up to being friends.



Wait it out.

Although you might be tempted to try and be friends immediately after a breakup, do yourself a favor and give it time. Even if the breakup wasn’t too hard on either of you, you should still allow for an adjustment period before trying to make the leap into post-dating friendship.

2Make sure you’re over him.

Before you decide that befriending your ex is a great idea, think about why you want to do it. Are you hoping he realizes what he lost and agrees to give the relationship another chance? Make sure you’re over him, or you’ll just end up getting frustrated and setting yourself up for even more heartache.

3Give him space.

If you initiated the breakup, you can’t expect him to be on board with being friends right away. Even if he took it well and understood why the two of you couldn’t continue on, he still may need some time alone before giving friendship a try.

4Gauge the situation.

Sometimes, being friends after a breakup just isn’t possible. Take a serious look at the situation: If he’s still angry or still has feelings for you, it might not be possible to be friends. If you suspect he’ll have a hard time hanging out post-breakup, stay away and either let him come to you or just leave things alone.

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