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Best things he can do on the morning after

You meet a cute guy, you go back to his place (or bring him back to yours), and things are good. But that’s just half the battle. You still need to navigate the morning after and hope it doesn’t go awry. Here are the best things a guy can do the next morning after a first hookup.

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1he Acts relaxed.

The worst thing a guy can do the morning after is act awkward. Any sense of fun and enjoyment from the night before will be minimized if he seems uncomfortable. If he’s relaxed, the two of you can enjoy the morning without feeling self conscious or tongue tied.

2he Offers you something to eat.

Assuming you’re not anxious to get out of there (or contemplating sneaking out the back door), offering you something to eat when you get up is a nice bonus. We don’t expect him to cook you a full breakfast, but if he shows you where the toast and cereal are and puts on a pot of coffee, he’s just won a few more morning-after points.

3He has clean towels.

If you need to get to work and don’t have time to head home and shower, a nice, clean towel will feel much better than a worn-out rag that doesn’t seem to have ever seen the inside of a washing machine.

4he knows when to leave.

Even a fabulous time can be tainted if he overstays his welcome. It’s one thing if you want him to stick around, but if you’ve mentioned several times that you need to get ready for work or a brunch date and he remains motionless in front of your television, he just lost an invitation for a repeat performance.

5he Attempts to make the bed.

The guy who attempts to make your bed the morning after gets big bonus points. Even if you have to remake it after he leaves, the effort is pretty great — and a sign that he might just be a decent guy.

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If your hook up goes wrong in the morning, think twice about round two. No man is perfect, and you shouldn’t require all of these gestures, but if he acts like super jerk then he’s probably not ready for anything more than sex. Even a friend with benefits should offer some comfort and respect the next morning. So, keep one eye open for these morning after, post hookup gestures from your guy.


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