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3 Lessons to learn from single friends

Being in a loving relationship is great, but don’t forget what being single is like. You may not be living life solo any longer, but that doesn’t mean your single gal pals can’t teach you a thing or two about love. We’ve picked out three things that you can learn from your friends who currently aren’t halves of couples.

Couple flirting in kitchen



Flirting is fun.

Once you’re in a relationship, forgetting all about the fun of flirting is all too easy. Your single girlfriends know this because they flirt often; it’s part of being single. But just because you’ve found someone doesn’t mean you have to stop flirting with him! Work on flirting more with your significant other: laugh at his jokes, be more attentive, get touchy and lean in close. Your guy will appreciate all the attention, and your relationship will be invigorated. Check out these other ways to make him feel good.

2dressing up is nice.

The longer you’re with someone, the more apt you are to focus on comfort rather than looks. Sweatshirts and jeans tend to replace flirty frocks. While you don’t need to dress up for the breakfast table, putting on something sexy and doing your hair can be fun. So the next time you and your man have plans, ditch the denim and wear something that will make him stop and take notice.

3Going out is good.

This is something else your single friends know well: Going out beats staying in. But getting into a relationship rut and letting the TV be your evening’s entertainment all too easy. Learn from your single pals and go out this weekend. Go see some live music, check out a comedy club or try a new bar that looks like fun. You don’t need to blow your bank account on new activities every day, but spicing things up every once in a while keeps life interesting. Need date ideas? Here are three dates that won’t break the bank.

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Things like flirting with your man and getting dressed up for each other will keep you out of a relationship rut. As much as you love him in his t-shirt and basketball shorts, seeing him try to look good for you will send sparks flying again. Most importantly, don’t always be the couple that’s all dressed up with no where to go. Nights in can be super romantic, but spice things up with a little black dress and a night out to keep your relationship happy and healthy.

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