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How to find a good work-love balance

When the two of you are busy and overworked, entire days (or even weeks) can seem to go by without so much as a cursory glance or conversation. To avoid losing touch with your significant other entirely, here are a few simple strategies for making love work despite jam-packed schedules.

Unhappy working couple



Practice the 15-minute rule.

Every evening, make a point to stop whatever you’re doing (checking email, texting a coworker, washing dishes) and talk to each other for 15 minutes. At the very least, you can find out how your partner’s day was and get a sense of his mood. Try not to use this time to complain or air relationship grievances. Instead, make this time about reconnecting and getting closer despite busy schedules.

2Schedule a date night.

You’ve heard it before and we’re reminding you again: Make time for a date night. Talk to your partner about his workload and choose a day that works best for both of you. Put it in your calendars so you don’t blow it off. When you go out, do something different (for instance, don’t go to the same restaurant you always do). This will make the evening feel special and give you even more reason to make date night a habit.

3Use technology.

If you haven’t had a chance to ask your guy about his last meeting, email him. If you forgot to tell him he looked great last night, send him a text. Don’t do all your communicating via technology, but a few messages here and there will make him feel special.

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You’re not the only couple who will let their love go by the wayside, and it doesn’t make you a bad couple. It certainly doesn’t mean you don’t love each other anymore. All is takes to overrule life’s everyday stresses and distractions is a little relationship advice: give each other 15 for-sure minutes a day, plan a date night, and send him a love email.


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