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How to handle his bad mood

Dealing with someone who’s in a bad mood can be difficult. If that person is your significant other, the situation gets even more precarious. Rather than risk an epic blowout when your man is in a bad mood, read our tips for handling his less-than-ideal demeanor until he’s back to normal.

Bad mood man

1Leave him alone.

When you’re in a bad mood, you most likely don’t feel like having other people around; the same goes for your guy. You may just want to help him move past whatever has him upset, but you need to give him space. He needs time alone before you move in to make him feel better, or else you could get caught in the crossfire.

2Don’t start a fight.

Just do your best to wait it out before bringing up something that’s bothering you. You may have been waiting all day to nag him about taking out the trash or calling his mom on her birthday, but if he’s already in a bad mood, he won’t take kindly to your irritation. Put your frustration on hold until he’s feeling better.

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3Don’t take it personally.

You might assume that your partner’s bad mood has something to do with you, especially if he doesn’t want to talk about it. Unless you know for sure (as in, he told you) that you are the direct cause of his bad temper, though, don’t take anything he says or does personally. We all say and do things we regret when we’re feeling angry or frustrated, so don’t hold it against him if he’s not himself for a day.

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