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4 Ways to make dating fun again

Dating isn’t for the faint of heart. Sure, it can be fun and exciting — but it also can be frustrating and emotionally draining. To help you survive single life and ensure you don’t give up on your search for Mr. Right altogether, here are some tips for improving the way you date.

Happy couple on fun date

Start making dating fun again with these tips!

1Lighten up.

Have a sense of humor about the dating process.

Think about each date as an opportunity to meet someone new, without putting too much pressure on your hopes that he’s The One. With the pressure off, you’ll be much more likely to have fun and just enjoy the ride, wherever it leads.

2Take charge more.

Whether you make the first move or decide what you want to do and where you want to go on dates, being bold will help reenergize you and make dating much less of a waiting game.

Waiting for someone to call, ask you out, kiss you, etc. can be maddening, so take matters into your own hands.

3Broaden your horizons.

If you’ve grown bored with dating, broaden your horizons. Ask out someone who’s outside your normal preferences. Adopt a “just say yes” policy and go out with guys even if you think they’re not your type. Otherwise, ask friends to set you up, or start getting involved in co-ed activities (sports, clubs) where you can meet someone different.

4Take a dating break.

This may seem counterproductive if you’re on a serious search for Mr. Right, but time off can be the perfect antidote to dating fatigue. Whether it’s a week or a month or longer, use your guy-free time to reconnect with friends, go to the gym, clean your apartment and do anything else you’ve neglected while wading around the dating pool.

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If the the dating game is giving you a rough time, you might be ready to take a dating break and re focus some attention on you. Investing some tender, love and care into yourself can be the perfect way to lift your spirits up and get you ready to face the dating world with a fresh attitude and new found perspective. After some time off from dating, you might find yourself ready to take charge and broaded your horizons as a single gal.

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