4 Signs you may be too clingy

Being in love is great, but there’s nothing good about being overly needy. It can be a turnoff and make even the most patient men head for the hills. While you’re probably thrilled to be in a new relationship, you should also have your own life. Here are a few signs that you may be too clingy.

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You need to know where he is 24/7.

Dating someone doesn’t mean keeping constant tabs on his whereabouts. If you have plans with him and he doesn’t show up, you have a reason for legitimate concern. Freaking out because he hasn’t called or texted today to tell you where he is or what he’s up to isn’t healthy.

2You have to do everything together.

Wanting to be with the person you love whenever you can is understandable, but give your guy some space. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean being attached at the hip and doing everything together. Having separate friends and interests is not only OK — it’s perfectly natural and healthy.

3You feel lost without him.

Missing him while he’s gone or wishing you were with him is normal, but feeling completely lost without him is not a good sign. Refocus some of your energy on yourself. Make plans with your friends, hit the gym or start a book you’ve been meaning to read — anything to remind yourself you have a life beyond your guy.

4You’re constantly texting him.

A few cute messages here and there are fine, but if you’re sending him a daily deluge of texts asking what he’s doing, where he is and when he’s going to see you, you’re acting too needy. Limit yourself to only a few texts a day, and make sure you actually have something to tell him; don’t send texts just for the sake of it.

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