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FDA pulls unapproved cold and flu meds from pharmacies

The FDA just announced that they’re pulling 500 different kinds of untested cold and flu medications. Is your favorite medicine affected?

FDA pulls 500 cold and flu medications

Do you have a favorite cold or flu medicine that you buy through prescription? Well, get ready – it might not be available soon. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on ineffective cold and flu drugs – and about 500 different types are affected.

Drug companies are required to submit their products to the FDA for scientific review, but some skirted the requirements because their drugs predated the FDA’s regulations.

The vast majority of people won’t be affected by the recall because many purchase their cold and flu meds over the counter.

“We don’t expect today’s action to have a negative impact on consumers,” said Deborah Autor, director of the FDA’s Office of Compliance. “There are multiple other products available to treat cold, cough and allergy symptoms.”

The agency said manufactures who have not registered their products with the agency must halt production and shipments immediately.

The full list of affected meds – listed on the FDA website – include Pediahist, a med listed for use on children as young as one month. FDA doesn’t let any prescription target children younger than two years old.

Your best bet? Check out the list of affected medications on the FDA website and keep them with you the next time you or your child go to the doctor and make sure these meds aren’t prescribed.

Or stick to over-the-counter meds as much as possible.

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