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4 Great traits to look for in a guy

When you’re searching for Mr. Right, you end up having to weed through a lot of losers before hitting on a worthy guy. To help you steer clear of the duds floating around the dating pool, we offer a list of important traits to spot when you’re searching for The One.

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1a Sense of humor

No matter how sexy and over-the-top gorgeous a guy is, the relationship won’t last if he doesn’t have a sense of humor or if he takes himself too seriously. (That gets boring real fast.) Conversely, a guy who can make you laugh will keep you from taking yourself too seriously. Plus, if you can laugh together, you’ll have much more fun together no matter what you do.

2an Open mind

Closed-minded people can be difficult. Having opinions is healthy and interesting, but a person who is completely closed off to even hearing about other ideas is just not ideal dating material. Having an open mind doesn’t mean being on the fence about everything, rather, it means you’re accepting of all types of people, ideas and ways of life. Being with someone like that is a lot more fun than trying to tolerate someone who thinks his ideas are the only ones worth hearing.


You can spend only so much time with someone who has no goals or aspirations. Respecting a guy who doesn’t do anything to better himself and is perfectly content to sit on the couch playing video games and watching TV is difficult. So when you’re out there searching for Mr. Right, make sure he has some ambition. A lazy slob with no desire to set foot in the real world can’t sustain a worthwhile relationship.

4a Big heart

Even if a guy is good looking and great in bed, you should look for love elsewhere if he’s mean spirited. Focus instead on finding someone with a big heart — a guy who’s caring, has close ties with family and friends, likes to help out his loved ones and has compassion to spare. Caring men aren’t afraid of their feelings, which means that the relationship will run a lot more smoothly and move forward rather than stagnate.

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