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5 Simple tips to elevate your sex life

Whether your sex life is currently above average or at risk of slipping into a rut, you can always do more to improve things between the sheets. If you want to raise the bar where your bedroom activities are concerned, we have a few tips that will help elevate your sex life.

Couple having sex



Set a sexy goal.

Whether it’s to have more morning sex, extend foreplay, try a minimum of two new sex positions a month, or simply pleasure yourself more often, having a goal can rev up your sexual appetite and reignite waning passion between you and your partner.

2Wear something cute to bed.

Falling into a routine of wearing flannel pajamas or a baggy T-shirt and sweats to bed rather than something sexy can be all too easy. And let’s face it: How sexy can you feel wearing something that’s been through the wash so many times it’s literally coming apart at the seams? Ensure you go to bed feeling sexy by wearing something cute, silky and sensual. The sexier you feel, the more likely you’ll be to actually want to have sex.

3Get in on the a.m.

If you haven’t been able to stay awake long enough to get through a 30-minute evening sitcom, let alone have sex, try getting it on in the morning instead of nighttime — or maybe you’d prefer some afternoon delight. The point is that sex is an anytime affair, rather than an after-dark-only activity.

4De-clutter your bedroom.

Sex just seems less passionate in a messy bedroom that’s strewn with dirty clothes and other items that never seem to get put away. Give your space a sexy makeover by investing in high-quality sheets, getting rid of clutter (anything you don’t use or need) and making an effort to put things away. A clean, serene space is much more conducive to sex than a room that looks like a tornado came whipping through.

5Forgo the bedroom altogether.

Who says sex needs to be relegated to the bedroom? Elevate your sex life by charting new territory and seeing what the other rooms in your house have to offer. Nothing is off limits. Chairs, couches, tables — test them all. You’ll feel a bit naughty, which is great for arousal. Plus, you may end up finding a new space for sex that puts the boring old bed to shame.

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