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How love can help you become a better person

Aside from making you feel great, love can help make you a better person. Here’s how genuine affection and regard for another can have a positive effect on your personality.

Couple in love

1love can Teach you something.

Everyone you meet — especially those you come to love — can teach you something new. When you’re in a relationship, you are continually learning new ways of doing things: new ways to love and new ways to enjoy yourself. You come to appreciate things you never expected to enjoy: new foods, activities, music and movies, to name just a few. Being in love also teaches you a lot about yourself: how you react to certain situations and how you can improve. Plus, it uncovers great aspects of your personality you may not have otherwise discovered.

2love Gives you a new perspective.

We grow up with certain world views, ideas and beliefs that remain entrenched unless we’re shown other options. Yes, we often end up in relationships with people who have similar world views, but the person you love is bound to have different ideas than you do. You don’t have to adopt all of their ideas and methods, but seeing how someone else thinks and solves problems is a great way to broaden your horizons and get a new perspective on your life.

3love Lightens you up.

Taking yourself too seriously and letting stress get the better of you are all too easy, but love can show you that life is far more than deadlines, meetings and spinning classes. The less stressed out you are, the better your life is and the more fun you have, invariably improving not only your outlook on life but your personality, too.

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