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3 Good things about arguing

No one enjoys arguing, but it is a fact of relationship life. Before you start lamenting the last fight you and your partner had, realize that arguing isn’t all bad. Those spats with your significant other can be steppingstones to a better relationship.

Bickering couple

3 Positive things that come from an argument


You’ll resolve a major issue.

Having an argument forces certain issues to the forefront, making them hard to ignore. Keeping things bottled up and ignoring problems just to avoid conflict can be easy, but sometimes, a good old-fashioned fight is just what you need to work things out. We don’t recommend starting a blowout over every little sore spot in your relationship, but take the opportunity to improve the relationship when arguments do arise.

2You’ll learn something.

If you force yourself to listen during an argument, rather than just wait for your turn to yell, you might just discover a few things about your relationship. What has your partner so heated? Why does he feel the need to focus on a certain issue? If you can keep insults and sarcastic remarks to a minimum, and avoid letting your frustration get the better of you, you should be able to learn something about how your partner feels about the relationship. Ideally, you can grow from there and gain an idea of how to boost your bond after the fight.

3You’ll come to a compromise.

Ideally, once you get past the intense part of the fight — when tempers are at their hottest — you’ll be able to find some common ground. Arguing isn’t always about one person backing down and the other one getting his way; finding ways for both of you to be happy is often more beneficial for the relationship. Use an argument as a tool to air some issues that require compromise, then work toward a conclusion that satisfies you both.

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