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Barre workout: Get lean and chiseled

What do you get when you combine the grace and flexibility of dance moves with the strength and sculpting of Pilates? The Xtend Barre workout, a dynamic combination of exercises that will give you a long, strong and lean physique. Just in time for spring fitness, here is an Xtend Barre workout from Andrea Rogers, courtesy of

What makes Xtend Barre unique?

The Xtend Barre workout was developed with dance and Pilates principles at its core. In addition to improving your strength and tone, barre moves also boost your cardio, flexibility and balance. Whether you take an Xtend Barre class or do the Xtend Barre: Lean & Chiseled DVD at home, the Xtend Barre teachers (who are Pilates-trained) not only instruct the barre exercises, they also provide cues that challenge and correct form and alignment, making this challenging workout safe and effective for all fitness levels.

Xtend Barre Workout

You only need your bodyweight and a chair or barre.

Warm up: Plie tendu

Warm up: PliÉ tendu

Increases heart rate and circulation by using the large muscle groups, helps develop pelvic lumbar stabilization and strengthens the hip and knee extensors.

Start: Open your legs wide to the ballet second position turned-out stance. Your arms are out to the sides at shoulder level, with your shoulders relaxed and your spine in a neutral position.

Movement: Bend your knees into a plié, then transition your weight to the right foot as you extend your left leg and point the left foot to the floor. Plié again and repeat movement with your right leg extended and right foot pointed.

Arms: Add your arms by swinging them to a low fifth position as you plié, then lift them out to a high V position as you extend.

Perform: 8 to 16 repetitions per side.

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