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How to feel sexier every day

Most women feel a little less than sexy occasionally. If you’ve been having trouble accessing your sexy side lately, use our tips for coaxing out your inner sex kitten. Trust us, she’s in there — she just needs a bit of encouragement.

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Start feeling sexy with these tips!

1Walk around naked.

If you never walk around the house naked, you’ll never get used to the sight of your bare body. It may feel strange at first, and you’ll be tempted to criticize yourself. The more you bare it all, however, the better you’ll feel. Not wearing anything can make you feel sexy and natural and ready for anything.

2Have more sex.

The more sex you have, the better (and sexier) you’ll feel, so make sex a priority. An active, healthy, satisfying sex life gives you confidence and a more positive outlook on life, so grab your guy, ditch your clothes and hit the sack.

3take charge in the bedroom.

Whether you start initiating sex more, incorporate a sex toy into your lovemaking or surprise your guy with some new moves, being bolder between the sheets can help you have more fun and feel sexier.

4Appreciate your body.

If you waste time and energy focusing on your flaws, you’ll never feel sexy. Instead, appreciate what your body does for you. All your parts serve a purpose. The more you can see your hips, thighs, legs, arms and stomach as essential parts of your body, the more confident and sexy you’ll feel. Whether you’re tall, short, thin or curvy, love your body and know that it makes you sexy.

Feeling and looking sexy

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