3 Signs he can’t be trusted

You can’t take everyone you meet at face value; even the most innocent-looking guy can have a hidden sneaky streak. So before you give him your heart (and throw away the key), here are some big signs that he’s not what he seems — and shouldn’t be trusted.

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He’s overly secretive.

When you just start dating someone, you aren’t going to open up your entire life to him right away, but you need to share a few things for the relationship to move forward. If he shuts his laptop as you walk by or leaves the room to make phone calls, he may have something to hide. No, you don’t need to see everything, but he should feel comfortable enough to make a quick call in your presence.

2He won’t answer basic questions.

If he won’t tell you who he had lunch with today or why he didn’t come home last night, he might be up to something shady. No, he doesn’t need a babysitter and he has his own life — but if he keeps to himself too much, think twice before you trust him.

3He can’t keep his story straight.

People who lie often have a hard time keeping their stories straight. Start listening closely. If you hear enough inconsistencies (as in, holes in every story), you might be dealing with someone incapable of telling the truth. That’s not good relationship material.

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