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How to make sex more fun

Sex can be good, bad, awkward or mind-blowing, but the worst is boring. If you do it on the same day of the week, for the same amount of time, in the same position month after month, it’s time to change things up. Here are a few ways to make sex more fun.

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Make sex more fun with these tips:


Try some new sex moves.

If you’ve been going at it missionary style for years, you’ve been missing out on countless other well-documented sex positions. Don’t feel tied to what you see in books and magazines, though. Just going though the process of trying out new positions to see what feels good and works for both of you can inject new life into the bedroom and leave both of you breathless. Give new sex positions a shot — what do you have to lose?

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2Don’t take sex so seriously.

Sex is supposed to be passionate, intimate, intense — and above all, fun. Don’t worry so much about your body, if he likes it or if you’re going to climax. Just wipe your mind clear of your concerns and be in the moment. Laugh, be bold and let your sense of humor shine through. The less seriously you take sex, the more fun you’ll have. As an added bonus, sex is a great stress-buster so be free and sex up your way to less stress.

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3Try role playing during sex.

If you’re no longer having much fun in the bedroom, and sex seems like a chore rather than a pleasure, try mixing things up with role play. Maybe you’re a teacher and he’s your bad student, or you’re the nice girl next door and he’s the more experienced college quarterback. The point is to loosen up and see sex as something that can evolve depending on how you feel and the parts of your personality that you show. Even if it feels weird at first, role playing can be a lot of fun.

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