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How to boost relationship morale

If you and your partner are feeling a bit lackluster lately, it may be time to boost relationship morale. Long days, stressful jobs and endless household chores can put even the happiest among us into a rut, so here are a few ways you and your man can put some fun back into your relationship.

Couple on vacation

1Get out of town.

Take a vacation and spend a week on the beach together if you can. It will do wonders to relieve stress and help you reconnect. If a trip to an all-inclusive resort isn’t in the cards financially, you can still enjoy the stress-relieving benefits without having to get on a plane. Even spending one or two nights away from home, at a bed-and-breakfast or boutique hotel will allow you to recharge as a couple and revitalize your relationship.

2Treat yourselves.

Instead of going to the same restaurant every time to go out to dinner, or worse, hitting the drive-through and calling it a date, treat yourselves to a nice meal at a restaurant you’ve been dying to try. You both deserve a treat once in a while, even if it’s out of your usual price range.

3Switch things up.

Inject some energy into your relationship by switching up your everyday routine. From trying new recipes and hanging out with new people to shopping at different stores and having sex at different times, do whatever you can to change the same old same old. It may feel strange at first, but you’ll soon realize how stuck you were in your old patterns — and you’re both likely to appreciate the change.

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