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5 Sex tips for married couples

With a little effort and planning, you can bring the energy and passion back to your marriage, says Dr. Dorree Lynn, sex and relationship expert and founder of She offers these tips to rev up your sex life with your spouse.

Happy couple in bed


Date him again.

Date nights are a must. Mid-week, get out of those sweats and dress up — and no talking about mortgages, sick parents and the kids’ soccer schedules. Get to know the person you married again romantically. Check out these creative date night ideas.

2Take a vacation.

Get out of your routine and. if possible, go on a trip. If there’s no money for anything extra, take a long walk, have a picnic dinner or visit a museum; any shared activity that you both enjoy will work. Talking bonds you.

3Try something new.

Be adventuresome in bed. Try new positions, toys and fantasies. Experiment with one these sex positions for mind-blowing orgasms.

4Tell him what you want.

Good communication is a must — no blame game. Unless your partner is a psychic, tell or show him what you need or want, in bed and out.

4Foreplay begins in the morning.

Things like an “I love you” in the morning, a special touch at breakfast, a “thinking of you” text during the workday, and cooking your spouse’s favorite dish matter. They all count as foreplay. For a sensual night, be sure to include these foreplay essentials.

Sex tip for married couplesGetting in the mood for sex

It’s late. You’re nicely snuggled under the quilt, drifting pleasantly off to sleep. Your sweetheart nuzzles the side of your neck and you snuggle deeper into the bed. He says “Ah come on, just a quickie.” If it’s one of those nights that you desperately want to skip sex but feel like you still must, SheKnows Love Expert, Dr. Noelle Nelson, has just the solution for you!

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