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4 Guys you don’t need in your life

You’ll meet many guys on your path to finding the one who’s right for you, but you should avoid a few types at all cost. They might start out as perfectly decent men while they’re trying to get your attention, but once they show their true colors, you may want to head for the hills. Here are a few of the worst offenders.

Lazy man on bed

1The mooch

This is the guy who never seems to go anywhere with his wallet after he takes you out once or twice. Whether you’re taking in a movie, going out for dinner or just grabbing a slice of pizza, he will always plead poor and ask you to pay.

Paying for some things is OK, but if you’re with a guy who never has any money (or just has an aversion to spending his own), get out while you can — or at least before you go broke.

2The lazy slob

This guy may charm you at first with his ambitions and list of projects that he plans, but that will get old fast once you notice that all he ever seems to do is play video games and order takeout. If he never has anything new to report in terms of job hunting or physical activity of any kind, and he always has stains on his clothing, move on or risk becoming his mother.

The lazy slob has no motivation or intention of ever getting a real job.

3Guys to avoidThe overachiever

The complete opposite to the lazy slob is the type A overachiever. While this guy looks great on paper (good job, six-figure income, sweet condo), he will never be around to hang out with you. When he is around, he will talk only about work. He’ll sweep you off your feet with expensive dinners and lavish gifts, but as soon as things get serious, he’ll go back to focusing solely on his career.

Do you really want a guy who pays more attention to his stocks than to you? We didn’t think so.

4The big kid

Some guys never seem to grow up. As charming as they seem at first, dating someone who is immature can be frustrating. All he wants to do is have fun, which is great (he’s adventurous and has great date ideas), but when you settle down and move in together, he’ll never want to talk about “boring” things like finances, rent and chores.

If you’re looking for long-term love, the big kid is not your go-to guy.

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