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3 Signs your relationship is on the right track

If you’re in a relationship that’s past the new love stage but seems somewhere between fully committed and full-on love, you may wonder if it has staying power. Here are a few of the biggest telltale indicators that your love match is a good one.

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Your relationship is on the right track if…

1You can be yourself.

This is probably the biggest indicator of relationship success: Feeling comfortable enough to show all sides of your personality, good and bad. Our quirks help make us who we are, and you have to feel good about every part of yourself in a relationship, not just the parts that you think he should see. We’re not suggesting you act like a raging lunatic around him, but if you’re not worried about him seeing your less positive aspects, it could be love.

2You trust him.

If you’re with someone you trust and can take at face value without some part of your brain always wondering if he’s telling the whole truth, he may be a keeper. Trust is hard to earn, but it elevates a relationship to a much higher level.

3You’re having fun.

If you feel like you’re not enjoying yourself as much as you did in the first few months, you might need to re-evaluate the situation. On the flip side, if you can’t help but enjoy yourself when you’re with him no matter what you’re doing (be it grocery shopping, cooking or watching a movie), your twosome is on the road to success. The fun you have with a guy at the beginning of your relationship might be different than the fun you have as things progress, things are good if you’re still having fun.

Maintaining a strong relationshipOnce you’ve been together for a while, the need to do everything together starts to fade. The focus shifts slowly back to individual ambitions and priorities, rather than couple-oriented goals. We all need our own purposes in life, but growing not only as an individual but also as a couple can be good for your relationship.

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