How to make the first move

Some women are great at making the first move, while others just aren’t bold enough to ask a guy out or initiate a hookup. If you’re thinking of starting something with the next guy you think is cute, use our tips to get what you want.

Woman and man in bar



Be bold.

If you’re going to make the first move, it goes without saying that must be bold. Even if you don’t feel bold, faking it can work in your favor. Give yourself a pep talk about how fabulous you are and then dive right in. Being bold means taking initiative and not talking yourself out of making a move because you’re scared. Fight the fear and see what happens, because chances are you’ll score a hot date — and feel great about yourself, to boot.

2Be flirty.

If you want to work up to asking a guy out, charm him with your wit and great sense of humor while you psyche yourself up for the main event. Get him intrigued so that when you do ask him out, the only thing he can say is yes. Just don’t overdo it. Flirting is a fine art, and you don’t want to come across as too clingy or flighty.

3Be confident.

Confident people are easier to be around and are much more likely to get what they want than those who re not. Make eye contact, exude a comfortable, laid-back vibe, and don’t fidget or giggle too much. Even if you’re not feeling overly confident, this is another situation in which you might have to fake it until you make it.

4Don’t hesitate.

Be direct and don’t beat around the bush. Start with a little flirting, charm him and then go for it. The more you hesitate, the harder it will be to actually make the first move.

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Just because your a woman doesn’t mean you can’t make the first move. Forget that old fahioned dating rule! Being bold and taking the initiative to ask him out will show him that you’re confident and sexy. However if your going to do it, do it right. Follow the good old ‘go big or go home’ motto and dont hesitate.