New Facebook app lets you keep tabs on friends’ relationships

A new Facebook app lets you keep tabs on the relationship status of select Facebook friends. Is this sort of thing appropriate?

Facebook Breakup Notifier lets you keep tabs on friends

Do you have that Facebook friend you’re just hoping with break up with their significant other? Tired of constantly looking at their relationship status to look for a change?

Now you don’t have to. A new Facebook application, Facebook Breakup Notifier, lets you monitor certain friends and will email you when their relationship status changes, according to CNN.

“You like someone. They’re in a relationship. Be the first to know when they’re out of it,” according to the app’s website.

We have to admit, that sounds like the perfect application for a stalker. OK, it’s all pretty innocent, but would you want to swoop in on someone who just broke up with their significant other? Hello, Rebound City!

Social media is great and all, but you should probably keep pursuing relationships the old-fashioned way. After all, won’t your crush-in-waiting wonder why you’re suddenly hanging around all of a sudden?

What do you think of the Facebook Breakup Notifier?

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