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Are you too picky?

Have you been on what feels like a life-long quest for Mr. Right? If you’re coming up short month after month and year after year, it could be a sign that you’re being too picky. Yes, you need to have standards, and you should never settle for someone who isn’t right for you, but if your dance card has been empty for months, here are some ways to shift your thinking.

Picky woman on date

If you’re looking for Mr. Right:

1Re-evaluate your list.

Having a list of desired traits, such as height, build, hair color and profession, is natural. Sometimes, thought, that list is so rigidly imprinted on your brain that you’re blind to other potentially great guys.

Just because a guy doesn’t match your exact criteria for Prince Charming doesn’t mean you and he won’t be compatible. The next time you’re about to pass up a date with someone who has the wrong hair color, give him a chance just to see what happens.

2Remember that no one is perfect.

When you’re on the hunt for Mr. Right, you have your radar tuned to pick up on even the most miniscule mistakes, which really isn’t fair. No one is perfect (not even you), so passing on guy after guy just because they don’t live up to your impossible standards means you may never find what you’re looking for. Settling for less is not OK, but do remember that everyone has ups and downs, and no one can be a shining example of perfection 24/7.

3Just say yes.

Sometimes, you just need to bite the bullet and say yes to a guy who is the complete opposite of your usual type. Even if it doesn’t work out and you have a less-than-stellar night, keep yourself open to men who are against-type. You never know whom you’ll find in the deep end of the dating pool.

Beware of some menMen to avoid

With all that said, there are still certain things on which a woman should never compromise. When you see laziness, disrespect and/or rudeness rear their ugly heads, head for the hills, sister!

Read on for the different types of guys to avoid:

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