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How to improve your dating life

We all make mistakes, and dating mistakes are among those we regret the most. To help you avoid frustration, stress and potential embarrassment, we’ve put together a few of the biggest dating mistakes to avoid, starting today.

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Going for the wrong guy

Going after the wrong guy is something most women have done in their dating lives. You know the type: guys who are self-absorbed, not very nice or just plain lazy. Why do smart women date men who don’t deserve them? Because they’re lonely, have low self esteem or are settling for the next guy who comes along. The trick is to stop yourself from dating men who don’t feel right just for the sake of having someone with whom to watch a movie on Friday night.

We’ve identified three types of guys to avoid at all costs. If you come across one of thest types of men, head for the hills!

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2Moving too fast

Just because he’s cute and nice and the sex is great doesn’t mean you should be moving in with him. By pushing things along before they’re ready, you could setting yourself up to get hurt. Worse, you also could be rushing things with a guy who turns out to be completely wrong for you. Do yourself a favor and take things slowly at the start.

When it comes to sex, how soon is too soon?

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3Worrying too much

Constantly worrying about the guy you’re currently dating (Is he happy? Is he going to stay committed? Should I be worried about those girls on his Facebook?) is a huge waste of time and energy, but many women just can’t help it. Rather than drive yourself crazy with anxiety every time you’re seeing someone new, try to lighten up. We know it’s hard, but taking yourself and every guy who comes along too seriously will just turn you into a nervous wreck.

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