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How to deal with dating insecurities

Dating is fun, but it also causes of all kinds of insecurity. Is he going to call? Does he think I look fat in this? Why didn’t he kiss me good night? Those kinds of questions are enough to make your head feel like it’s going to explode. Here are a few tips for avoiding dating anxiety and staying secure in yourself as you wade through the dating pool.

Anxious woman on date


Don’t take it too seriously.

Dating isn’t meant to cause you anxiety and turn you into a ball of stress. If he doesn’t call, it’s his loss. If your last three dates went horribly wrong, don’t blame yourself; instead, laugh about it. Freaking out about dates-gone-wrong will only make you feel worse. Once you stop taking dating so seriously, you’ll start having more fun and feeling much less anxious.

2Don’t let dating define you.

The more you get caught up in the drama of dating (hoping he’ll call, fretting if he doesn’t), the more it takes over your life. Trying to find a guy isn’t the only thing you have going on in your life. Presumably you have friends, family, hobbies, passions and a job that compose the person you are, so don’t forget that you’re perfectly fine on your own — even without a date for Friday night.

3Take things one day at a time.

Every day is a new day with new potential to find someone special, so don’t spend too much time analyzing why the guy from three nights ago hasn’t called. Placing too much stock in every guy to which you give your number is a waste of energy. Stay calm and take your dating life one day at a time to avoid upset.

4Lean on your friends for support.

When things go really wrong — say, you finally find a guy you like and it doesn’t work out– turn to your BFFs for support. They can help you get over any dating disasters with humor, love and understanding. So the next time you’re feeling down about your dating life, gather your girlfriends for a night out.

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Once you let dating take over your life, other priorities might take a backseat. If you’re not investing as much time in yourself as you should be, then the dating terrain will only grow rough. The more motivated and confident you stay in your personal life, outside of dating, the better luck you’ll have in attracting the men you want and the easier it will be to deal with dating stress.

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