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New date ideas to bust dating boredom

Sick of going to the movies? Can’t stand another dinner at your local Italian restaurant? It’s time to spice up date night. Whether you’ve been married for years or you’re in a new relationship, we’ve come up with some unique ideas for your next date.

Couple on tennis date

Get cultured.

When was the last time you hit up an art gallery or checked out a museum? An afternoon spent looking at interesting art or mind-blowing museum exhibits will not only make for a fascinating experience, but you’ll also have tons to talk about when you leave. If you don’t live near a major museum, add a subway or bus trip to the date’s plans — or check out what’s happening at some of the smaller local galleries around town for a do-it-yourself art crawl.

2Get competitive.

Look into local pickup leagues or play some one-on-one at the gym or local basketball court. Play tennis or racquetball, or have a foot race. The point is to do something in which you’re competing against each other. It might seem counterproductive for a date night, but once the adrenaline is pumping, you’ll realize how much fun you’re having. Loser has to make dinner for the winner or pay for a post-game beer.

3Get lost.

You don’t need to plan a weeklong road trip to discover new sights and sounds. Most of us get so used to our immediate neighborhoods that we barely know what the rest of the city (or surrounding towns) look like. So, grab your honey and get on a bus. Plan a route in advance or just see where you end up when you get off. Bring a map (or use your phone) to locate the main street and start exploring. Bring enough money for some snacks and a few souvenirs of your adventure.

4Get physical.

Like getting competitive, doing something physical together can be a great way to bust dating boredom. Go to the gym and work out together, or sign up to try something neither of you have tried that requires endurance, like rock climbing, snowboarding or even surfing. Not only will you have fun, but you also might hit on an activity you love.

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