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Relationship rules for Facebook

While using Facebook to flirt and communicate with your guy can be fun, you should keep a few rules in mind when airing your entire relationship online. We’ve come up with a few pieces of advice about love, dating and social networking in the information age.

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Don’t kiss and tell.

If you’re seeing a new guy or just came home from a great first date, be careful about how much you reveal online. The new guy you’re seeing may not want to be tagged in your status update about what a good kisser he is. Before you start posting details about someone else, ask him if it’s OK.

2No fighting.

Facebook is not the place to argue back and forth with your boyfriend about how he was late to pick you up or blew you off to watch the game with his friends. Your friends don’t want to hear it, and it will only make things worse between you as the fight escalates. If there’s something bothering you, say it to his face, rather than posting it on his wall, or worse, updating your status to tell the world how annoyed you are with him.

3Avoid gushing.

He is the only one who should hear about how cute and cuddly he is — which means leave the cloying, cutesy details off of your wall. Gushing about your fabulous new guy is tempting, but it can get repetitive and sound immature. If you need to gush, call your BFF and share with her, rather than making it a status update.

4Keep it clean.

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Just say “no” to racy photos and intimate details about how great last night was; your mom could be reading. Plus, the only one who should want to revel in the details is you. Your friends don’t need to see your newest lingerie purchase, either, so rather than posting pics no one needs to see, email them to your guy as a sexy treat.

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Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve when it comes to online dating and social networking. Just like there are unwritten rules in the old fashioned dating game there are unwritten rules to online love as well, so keep it clean. Don’t kiss and tell. Don’t air your arguments online and don’t embarrass him by writing how cuddly he is. Remember: Your BFF is there for a reason — don’t allow Facebook to take her place.

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