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Protect yourself: 10 Tips to avoid dating abuse

6Crying womanLeopards don’t change their spots

Women stay in abusive relationships hoping that he will change, but he never does. People don’t change unless they actively seek professional help.

7Have a safety plan

Everyone can relate to bad relationship experiences. You deserve better. But before you break up with your abusive boyfriend, you must have a safety plan.

8Ask yourself “Is the shoe on the other foot?”

You might be reading this article and realize that you are being abusive to your partner. Do you call or text him too much? Are you jealous and controlling? Are you mean to him? Is he your whole life?

9Know that there is more to life than guys!

It is better to be happy and alone, than with someone and miserable. Don’t have a boyfriend just for the sake of being “in a relationship.” There is so much more to life than guys.

10Find your voice

You always have the right to say no. Most women are raised to be passive people-pleasers, which has led to decades of violence against women. Every time you respect and honor yourself, you are respecting and honoring every woman of the world!

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