Why you can’t break up with him

If you just can’t seem to break up your dead-end relationship, you’re not alone; trouble with doing the deed is common. Here are few of the top reasons.

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You’re scared of being alone.

This is probably the no. 1 reason women stay in less-than-ideal relationships. Fear of being alone and of never finding someone else is very real, but know that it’s just a perception on your part — not reality. Breaking up with someone who isn’t right for you can bring only positive things into your life and will leave you open to finding someone perfect for you.

2You’ll feel like you failed.

Some relationships feel like projects, so feeling like a failure when you break things off is understandable. If you’ve done everything you can to breathe life into a failing relationship and it’s still going downhill, it’s healthier to walk away than stay just for the sake of it. Besides, relationships shouldn’t feel like projects all the time. Failing, in this case, isn’t ending things; it’s staying when you’re no longer in love.

3You feel guilty.

He’s a great guy, he’s nice to you and he’s madly in love, but you’re just not into him any longer. Of course you’re going to feel bad for breaking up with him, but guilt shouldn’t be your sole reason for staying. Feeling guilty is OK, but don’t let it dictate your decisions.

4Everyone loves him.

Ending a relationship with a guy everyone hates is easy. Planning to break off with a guy your mom hoped you’d marry is another story. Friends and family may be disappointed, especially if they’ve grown attached to your partner, but ultimately, it’s your life and you have to live it for you — not them.

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Your time is precious and so is his. If something isn’t sparking between you and your man anymore you have to take action. Either break it off or try to revamp your love, but you can’t force a relationship to work any longer than it wants to. Some men come into your life at a certain time for a reason and are not meant to be there forever. Still not sure what to do? Take a look at this list of reasons to break up. If they’re not reasons to break up, they are definitely reasons make moves towards improvement.



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