Fun ways to deal with dating disasters

We’ve all had terrible dates or great ones that go terribly wrong in the end, but there’s nothing worse than a horrible date than having to deal with the aftermath alone. So instead of commiserating in silence, here are some fun ways to blow off bad date steam.

Woman on really bad date

1Blog about it.

Don’t use names or identifying details, but share your single-girl stories with the Web. You may not amass a huge readership, but blogging about your dating disasters is a great way to avoid taking the dating scene too seriously — plus, you’ll have a great outlet for your residual frustration.

2Start a bad date club.

Gather all your single BFFs and start a monthly bad date club. Think of it as a book club, but rather than discussing the latest best sellers, you’ll be rehashing romance gone wrong. Do it at a coffee shop or pub, or take turns hosting the event at each other’s houses. You’ll have a good laugh and, more importantly, you won’t feel alone in your dating debacles.

3Get creative.

Whether you write a short story, a one-act play or a novel, use your experience with awkward or funny dating situations as a jumping-off point for self-expression. Why hold everything inside when you could be putting pen to paper?

4Write a letter.

The next time you come home after a bad date, write a letter to the offending guy (but don’t send it.) The point is to get all your frustrations out on paper. Ask him why he showed up 30 minutes late, why he thought the drive-through was a good first-date decision, and why he still lives with his mother. Email the letter to your BFF and discuss. Trust us: You’ll feel much better.

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