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Dealing with a low libido

If a waning sex drive is affecting your happiness, self-esteem or relationship, take action and find out what’s causing it. Dr. Marilyn Mitchell of offers these tips for women dealing with a low libido.

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Get a checkup.

Some undiagnosed health problems, including hypothyroidism and depression, can contribute to a low libido.

2Discuss your medications with your doctor.

Certain medications are known to diminish libido in women.

3Make time for sex.

Many women do not prioritize a healthy sex life over other daily concerns. Make an effort to change this by creating time to enjoy sexual experiences.

4Embrace your own beauty.

Low self-esteem leads to a low libido. Ignore the unattainable portrayal of women by the media and love yourself the way you are.

5Don’t be embarrassed.

Discussing libido concerns with a healthcare professional is the first step in finding a personalized solution to a common problem.

6Consider hormonal testing.

This practice helps diagnose the causes of a low libido and suggests a remedy plan that might include vitamin, herbal or hormonal supplementation.

7Try biofeedback therapy.

This approach helps you recognize responses to certain negative stimuli. Biofeedback is an important part of battling a low libido, and up to 70 percent of all sexual dysfunction issues can be resolved through this therapy.

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