How to reconnect with your partner

We all lead fast-paced lives that leave us tired, stressed out and craving alone time, which is really not a great combination for love. If this is the case for you and your partner, you may need to reconnect. Here are some simple steps for getting your relationship back on track.

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Plan a date night.

Take a look at your day planners, pick a date and schedule a night when it’s just the two of you. Whether you go bowling, head to pub for a drink or take in a movie, a date night is a great way to reconnect and remember how much fun you used to have together before you got bogged down with stress.

2Schedule talk time.

Just like a date night, a scheduled time to talk, even for 30 minutes, can do wonders for bringing the two of you closer. This is a great opportunity to ask each other about things you usually don’t have time to talk about, like how things are going at work, new goals or ambitions, or anything that has you upset or frustrated. Try not to focus on who forgot to take out the trash; instead, talk to each other like two friends out for coffee and get to know each other all over again.

3Revisit forgotten plans.

What goals and plans did you discuss at the beginning of your relationship? Were you going to travel the world? Did you hope to volunteer with underprivileged children abroad or save the rain forest together? You don’t have to hop on a plane tomorrow, but revisiting the things you had hoped to do together can be very stimulating and invigorating to your relationship. Choose one and make it happen.

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