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How to celebrate your relationship

It’s the season of love — what better time to celebrate your relationship than now? Here’s a variety of tips and ideas to flatter your man, make him feel special and enrich your relationship by focusing on the extra-special little things.

Happy couple celebrating their relationship

Celebrate Your Relationship

I love you noteShow your love & make him feel special

Showing your guy that you care doesn’t have to involve expensive dinners or breaking the bank on pricey gifts. Make him feel like he’s the center of your world with 10 of our best articles on complimenting and appreciating your man — and simply saying “I love you.”
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Happy couple holding hands

Renew your relationship

Remember when you first fell in love and the very sight of your man made you weak in the knees? The days when you completed each other’s sentences and sealed them with a kiss? If those days seem distant and you’ve fallen into a lack-luster routine, it’s time to get the sparks back. Here’s how:

Couple on a romantic date

Enjoy a happy, rewarding marriage

Taking a great marriage for granted is easy when everything is going smoothly. But don’t get lazy about your love: A healthy marriage needs lots of care and attention to ensure you stay on track.

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Happy couple making dinner together

Quality time: Dates & couple time

Whether it’s common interest, great sex, conversation in which you lose yourselves or a just a spark that leaves you craving more, hone in on what makes you special as a couple by spending some time together alone. Couple time goes a long way toward boosting the bond between you and your special someone.

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