How to make his Valentine’s Day special

Enjoy a sensual night at home with these sexy tips to make his Valentine’s Day extra special.

Woman feeding man strawberry


Build up the anticipation.

If you aren’t going to see each other all day, get him in the mood for love with a sexy text, email or voice message. Leave out the naughty details about what you want to do to him — and don’t leave the message on his work voicemail or email account; it’s probably not completely private.

2Get a temporary tattoo.

Get your lover’s name inked on your body without the big price tag, pain or permanancy. Place the temporary tattoo in a sexy spot that he won’t see until later in the evening.

3Satisfy his cravings.

Make a Valentine’s Day dinner for two. Include sensual foods — such as chocolate, strawberries and even asparagus — that have aphrodisiac qualities.

4Create a sexy oasis.

After a day at the office, you don’t need to get dolled up and go out on the town. Create a private escape at home with an indoor picnic, bubble bath for two, massages and more. Surprise him with a new sex position or by acting out your (or his) sexual fantasies.

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