10 Last-minute Valentine’s date ideas

No reservations? No problem. If you’ve waited until the last minute to make plans for February 14th, all is not lost. We’ve rounded up some great last-minute ideas for having a fun and romantic Valentine’s Day.

Couple cooking romantic dinner at home

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean fancy dinners. Here are a few fun ways to spend the 14th without feeling the need to overspend or stress.

Last-minute date ideas


Go for a romantic walk. Hold hands like you did when you first started dating.


Cook dinner at home. Light candles and feed each other chocolate-covered strawberries.


Put on some slow tunes and dance the night away.


Pick up some new lingerie and have a sexy Valentine’s Day fashion show.


Rent some romantic movies, eat popcorn and cuddle on the couch.


Write down the things you love about each other. Read them aloud.


Have a living room picnic. Spread a quilt on the floor and enjoy fruit, cheese, bread and wine.


Recreate your very first date, or the moment you knew it was love.


Start sexting (while sitting in the same room) and see where the high-tech love messages lead.


Write down your bedroom fantasies, exchange them and then act them out.

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