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Are you too nice?

Not many guys want to date a mean girl, but you shouldn’t allow the people you date to walk all over you. Here are some signs that you might be too nice for your own good.

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1You pay for everything.

Paying for some things is nice, but you shouldn’t always be the one reaching for your wallet. Not only will you set a precedent, but you’ll also waste money on things he should be able to afford.

2You play second fiddle to his friends.

Sure, guys want to hang out with other guys, but you shouldn’t be constantly relegated to second place. If you find yourself always losing out on dates promised to you because other things come up, don’t let it slide. Once in a while is OK, but don’t let your guy use you as a contingency plan.

3You let him choose everything.

Not all of us like to make decisions, and deferring to your guy is OK some of the time. But if he’s the one calling all the shots about where you go, what you do and with whom you hang out as a couple, you’re being too nice. Do yourself and the relationship a favor and tell him what you want more regularly.

4You can’t say “no.”

He asks you for a ride — you say “yes.” He needs you to pick up his dry cleaning — you say “yes.” Are we seeing a pattern here? Being helpful is one thing, but if you get in the habit of doing every little thing for him, he’ll come to expect having a maid and chauffer around on a regular basis — not a girlfriend.

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