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Valentine’s Day by the numbers

Here’s a look at Valentine’s Day by the numbers — what people are giving, doing and spending on this romantic February holiday.


LifeStyles Condoms estimates that 87 condoms are used each second in the U.S. on Valentine’s Day — which also shares the day with the lesser known holiday, National Condom Day.


Valentine's Day flowers

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that only 11 percent of households celebrate by gifting each other jewelry on Valentine’s. So why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day in the first place?

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Organic Bouquet estimates that more than 200 million roses were produced nationwide for Valentine’s Day in 2011.


Valentine's Day card and gift

The National Retail Federation reports that men spend nearly twice the amount women spend on Valentine’s Day. Just hope your man doesn’t opt for one of these worst Valentine’s Day gifts ever!


According to the Hallmark Corporation, nearly 200 million cards are exchanged each year on February 14, and that doesn’t include Valentine’s Day card packs exchanged by millions of schoolchildren each year.

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