7 Small signs of big love

The little things often have the biggest impact. This is especially true in relationships, in which little gestures can make us feel big love. Here’s a list of small but significant actions that can really make a girl feel good.

Man cooking dinner for girlfriend

1Carrying your stuff

Sometimes, things are heavy, and you just don’t want to carry them. So when your guy asks if he can lighten your load, you appreciate it.

2saying you look sexy in sweats

Sunday mornings are for sweats or other comfy weekend attire, so when you hear that you still look sexy no matter what you’re wearing, it makes you feel great.

3Picking up things you’re out of

You love not having to ask him to get more milk or restock your caffeine supply. When he takes it upon himself to shop for necessities you’re out of, you love him even more.

4Listening to you rant

Stressful days mean having to vent when you get home. Even though he doesn’t have to listen, he does — and even has words of wisdom when you’re done.

5Making (or getting) coffee for you

It’s a sweet gesture you always appreciate. Just knowing you don’t have to ask him to grab a coffee for you if he’s getting or making one for himself is just plain nice.

6Driving you & picking you up

Public transit can get you only so far before you want to scream from frustration. That’s why you appreciate his offers to be a chauffeur now and again.

7Cooking dinner – just because

Nothing says “love” like a guy getting behind the counter to whip up something delicious without you even suggesting that you really don’t feel like cooking.


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